Tween Team Information-2021



A 2021 Summer Reading Program at Tecumseh District Library
for students entering Fifth Grade or Sixth Grade in the Fall


Tweens must own a valid Tecumseh District Library Card to participate.
(Valid = No fines, no overdue books, no expired cards)

Beginning Monday, June 14th,
pick up a combined Registration and blank Booklist form
at the front Circulation Desk.


Read 8 Books from this library's Tween Fiction Collection
or Teen Fiction Collection by Saturday, July 31st.

Record the title, author, call number and barcode
on the booklist as you finish each book.


 Hand in the completed booklist
to the front Circulation Desk by July 31st.

Completed booklists will NOT be accepted for gift card prizes
after Saturday, July 31st at 5 p.m.

Mrs. Reasoner will contact you to pick up your gift cards
in late August.

The sources of your well-earned gift cards
shall remain a mystery until you pick them up!