Teen Book Box

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Each month’s Teen Book Box will include a surprise library book hand selected for you to borrow, and some treats for you to keep. Register on our Event Calendar to order your Teen Book Box.

On the registration form, you’ll answer questions to help library staff select a book tailored to your interests. You'll get an email or phone call once your Book Box is ready to pick up. Then you can stop by the library and pick up your Book Box like any other reserve.

By checking out a Book Box, you agree to be responsible for any fines and fees for late returns or damaged books, just like checking out any other library book.

Please return the book and box by dropping it in the outdoor drop box. Everything else is yours to keep! Returned books will be quarantined for 5 days before being checked in.

Teen Grab & Go Art Project

Stop by the Teen Space to pick up the Teen Grab & Go Art Project kit from the library. There's a new kit available every month. Supplies are limited, so grab one while they last.

Things to do online while staying safe at home


Break out of some virtual Escape Rooms

Share your story with the Library of Michigan's COVID-19: Save Your Story project

Take #ShelterInPoems by following this hashtag or by writing your own poetry

Or try writing a Haiku one line at a time

Learn how to speak the language of computers with Code.org

Hangout with some awesome YA authors

Take ALL the quizzes!

Become one with nature

Start planning your writing project for NaNoWriMo and try writing a novel in a month

Explore the Harry Potter museum

Take a virtual tour of the National Parks with Google Earth

Find even more things to do under our Teen Resources tab

Follow TDL Teens on Instagram or Facebook and share what you're up to :)

Things to do around the house


Build the most epic blanket fort ever and spend the afternoon reading inside

Make socks into puppets, write a short skit, and put on a puppet show (this is a great way to entertain any little kids in your house)

Narrate your pet - or an animal you see out the window - like you are the host of a nature documentary

Use cardboard from the recycling bin to build a cardboard castle, or a box city, or an abstract alien-blob looking thing

Turn chores into a competition by setting a timer and racing against the clock, or by competing with someone else in the house to see who can clean the most in ten minutes

Get a new perspective - lie on the floor, sit upside down in a chair, stare up at the ceiling - and draw what you see (terrible artwork is encouraged, no actual drawing skills required)

Struggling with feeling stuck at home? Find someone to talk to.

Photography notice

Attendance at Library events constitutes consent to be photographed for use in print and/or electronic publicity for the Tecumseh District Library.