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You can access so much through the LearningExpress Library hub: High school skills, Computer skills, Career prep, GED prep, College test prep (ACT, SAT), Scholarships and school finder, and more. You will need to create an account to get a username/password for LearningExpress Library, and creating an account requires an email address.

Stay Safe Online
Maintaining your privacy doesn't mean you have to give up your online presense entirely.

Digital Media Literacy from CFCGlobal
"Digital media literacy" is a fancy term for learning to internet better.  This guide walks you through things like recognizing clickbait and identifying faked photos and vidoes, which will stop you from being duped while you're having fun online. Check out the other topics for guides on a ton of other tech skills.
A lot of information is available online, but not all of it is true or helpful.  This is one site to check for facts about things you hear in the news.

This site shows news stories on the same topic from different sides of the political spectrum.
Homework Help

Britannica School High web button

Britannica School is an online encyclopedia. A perfect place to start a research project.

Explora for High Schools web button

Explora for High Schools is a database of primary and secondary sources to use in research papers

Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints web button

Use Opposing Viewpoints to learn about a topic from different sides. Excellent for debate, persuasive essays, critical thinking, or current events assignments.

Purdue OWL Research and Citation Resources
An excellent resource for formatting citations for research papers.

Hemingway Editor
This site offers editing suggestions to make your writing bold and clear.
Career & College

Career One Stop
An awesome resource from the U.S. Department of Labor. Click on Explore Careers to see profiles of whatever career you are interested in, or take assessments if you're unsure.

Michigan Student Aid
Resources from the State of Michigan on saving for and paying for school.

Scholarship Finder Tool from LearningExpress Library
Requires a LearningExpress Library account, which requires an email address. The Scholarship Finder Tool is a database of thousands of scholarships that can be narrowed down to meet your requirements.

A blog about preparing for college, what college life is like, and fun topics like new tech and YA book recommendations.

Going Pro in Michigan
Learn about trade careers in healthcare, IT, automotive, manufacturing, or construction.

Lenawee Community Foundation Youth Council

Volunteer right here in Tecumseh.

Do Something

Get involved.  Learn more about the wide variety of issues facing the world, or explore volunteer opportunities.




NoveList Plus web button

Find your next great book.  Search by age range, genre, author, and title, and get recommendations based on books you have enjoyed.


Magazine written by teens, for teens.  No subscription necessary for the online resources.

Poems count as reading. The librarian said so. (This argument might not work on your English teacher.) Signing up for the Poem-a-day on this site is a great way to get more poetry in your life.


Teen Line
A teen-to-teen mental health hotline.  Talk to a teen volunteer through a call, a text, or their app, or see what other teens have asked through Ask Teen Line.

Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Tips on how to take care of yourself.

I Wanna Know
Infomation on health, including how to tell myth from fact, from the American Sexual Health Association.

Love is Respect and Break the Cycle
Educate yourself on dating violence, what a healthy relationship looks like, and how to take care of yourself in a relationship.  

National Runaway Safeline
A national crisis helpline for teens experiencing homelessness or considering running away. Offers a confidential chat service and general conflict management resources.


Creative Commons
Search for images with a creative commons license, and learn about why pictures you find online are not always free to use however you like.

Make something, fail spectacularly, learn from your mistakes, and make again!  There are so many cool projects on this site.  It's easy to get lost for hours looking at what others have created.
If you want to create anything digitally, learning to type will make your life easier.  Challenge Miss Amanda to a typing contest some time to test your skills.

A free alternative to photoshop.