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Children's Summer Reading Program

June 12th - July 29th, 2017



Babies, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners
who enjoy listening to stories read to them



First graders through fourth graders
who enjoy reading


How do we get started?

Beginning Monday, June 12th,
official blank Summer Reading booklists will be available at the front Circulation Desk.
As children listen to or read
ten TDL LIBRARY books,
they list each title on this designated booklist.


How do we finish?

Everyone who brings in their completed official booklist by Saturday, July 29th,
will receive the following:
a certificate of achievement
a bookmark
a "Builder's Beacon" newspaper
a rubber earth eraser
a construction rubber ducky
a construction tool squirter
a building block vehicle
a giant construction site sticker scene
plus a plastic book bag!



Children who listen to or read
20 TDL LIBRARY books by July 29th
will receive the following:
a yellow plastic construction hat
an inflatable neon hammer
plus a bookmark!


2017 Michigan Reads!



Bubble Gum book

The Library of Michigan is pleased to announce the 2017 Michigan Reads! book is Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum written by Lisa Wheeler and illustrated by Laura Huliska-Beith.
In this rollicking tale, a blob of pink bubble gum melting in the middle of the road causes big trouble for five animals that get stuck in the "chewy-gooey icky-sticky" mess.
Wheeler's snappy rhyming verse, loaded with silly words and onomatopoeia, begs to be read aloud.  The clever language is just part of the appeal of this well-designed picture book.  Creative variations in size, style, and placement of text add visual excitement,as do the bold colors and patterns of Huliska-Beith's acrylic-and-fabric collage illustrations.  Wildly exaggerated expressions and body language enhance the slapstick nature of the story and provide plot clues for pre-readers who are paging through on their own.

Meet Lisa Wheeler, the author of Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum!

One thing I remember about my childhood in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, was how much I loved books -- even the smell! We didn't have a library in our town, but we had a regular library class in my school, where I could check out books. In our home, we only had one children's book. It was called, YOUNG YEARS: Best Loved Stories and Poems for Little Children. I read its cover right off!


My first venture into writing was in fourth grade. I won a Halloween poetry contest. I was so surprised! I wish I had saved that winning poem, because I have no recollection of what I wrote.


My family moved to Michigan when I was fifteen. I was so shy, I spent my lunch periods in the library, hiding behind a book. My biggest fear was walking into that giant cafeteria and sitting alone.


Eventually, I married and raised three children. As the kids grew older, I started to think about the next phase of my life. I'd worked in various part-time jobs over the years, but there was one thing I'd always wanted to do -- write! In 1995, I began to 'get serious' about writing. It took nearly four years to sell my first children's book.


Writing books for children is definitely a dream come true. I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing with my life. Just like when I was a child in Pennsylvania, I love everything about children's books -- even the smell!

See more about my books at my website.


Meet Laura Huliska-Beith, the illustrator of Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum!

Image result for laura huliska-beith

Laura Huliska Beith is a children's book illustrator living in Kansas City Missouri with her husband, Jeff, and their three dogs; Jake, Sigmund, and Stella.

Laura is a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute where she also spent three semesters as an
adjunct instructor teaching junior illustration.
 Currently she is working on murals for the North Kansas City Public Library, and illustrating books in her attic studio. 

See more about my illustrations at my website.


The Story of Michigan Reads!

What would happen if every parent, grandparent or caregiver read the same book to Michigan preschoolers at the same time? We're on a mission to find out! Michigan Reads! was launched in 2004 by the Library of Michigan in partnership with the Michigan Center for the Book to promote the value and benefits of reading early and often to preschoolers; to encourage family bonding through reading; and to increase awareness and usage of Michigan's libraries.
Michigan Reads! is a program of the Library of Michigan and the Library of Michigan Foundation, sponsored by Target. 

The Michigan Reads! program highlights the importance of reading and sharing books with children, especially toddlers through early elementary school age. It also recognizes the vital role of libraries which provide access to quality books, programs and services to children and families. These resources lay the foundation for reading and school success.

Michigan Reads! raises awareness of the intergenerational nature of literacy and the value of sharing books with children, especially during their critical developmental stage between birth and age 5.

Michigan Reads! promotes early-childhood literacy in Michigan and engages teachers, librarians, caregivers and parents in reading and sharing books with children ages birth to eight. 

More information about "Michigan Reads!" including materials for parents, teachers and caregivers is available at